Arthaus Berlin

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Why house rules?

Our goal is not to inundate you with rules, rather to make sure that we are all on the same page in order to make your stay with us an enjoyable one. The following house rules are applicable to all Arthaus Berlin properties. You will also be provided with rules specific to the property you are staying in.

About the properties/neighborhoods

The three Arthaus Berlin properties are all located in quiet, residential neighborhoods. Be considerate and aware of others around you.


All properties are 100% nonsmoking.


Guests are not permitted to bring pets of any kind to Arthaus Berlin properties.


Don’t move any furniture or other objects. Leave everything exactly as you found it. Always put drinking glasses on coasters which you will find in the kitchen.


Be aware that by using an excessive amount of toilet paper you will clog the toilet. 


When checking out of Arthaus Berlin the kitchen should be left as you found it with all pots, pans, dishes, silverware, glasses, etc. cleaned and put away where you found them. The stove and refrigerator should be left clean, also as you found them.


Before checking out of Arthaus Berlin make sure the property is clean, including washing dishes and emptying the refrigerator. Garbage and recycling must be taken out. There is cleaning spray and a broom available for your use.


We will have a key to the property and if we feel it’s necessary to enter we will have the ability and right to do so. We will not tolerate any guest who is disrespectful. No weapons or drugs of any kind allowed! If any guest acts in a threatening, violent or otherwise inappropriate manner we will immediately eject them from the property. No refund will be offered.


Remember to turn off lights when you aren’t using them.


Make sure all windows are closed each time you leave.


Unplug your electronics (laptops, cell phones, etc.) when you’re not using them. Remember, you are in a private apartment, not a hotel!


Wireless internet is included at no extra charge. Please beware: downloading or sharing of illegal files is strictly monitored in Germany. Guests are responsible for any penalties or charges incurred for downloading or sharing illegal files on our wireless network. 

Additional services

Any additional services including flowers, wine, or champagne can be purchased on our website or can be paid for in cash upon arrival.


We are not responsible for any injury that may be sustained on our premises. Guests are liable for any damage or destruction they may be responsible for causing.

Security deposit

There is a security deposit of 100€ to be paid when the property is booked. It will be returned to you in full within 24 hours provided that there is no damage to the apartment and provided that nothing is found missing. We understand that accidents do happen! If anything is damaged during your stay let us know before you leave rather than letting us discover it for ourselves.


Once the property is booked and paid for there are absolutely no refunds. If a guest chooses to leave early for any reason we will not issue a refund.


Check-in is after 3pm and until 9pm with no exceptions. We understand that travel plans may change, however please remember this isn’t a hotel and we won’t be available to check you in after 9pm so please plan accordingly. You must let us know what time you will arrive at least five days before your arrival or we can’t guarantee that someone will be here to let you in.


We require a copy of the i.d. of the person who paid for the stay at Arthaus Berlin upon checking in.


Check out is at 11am with no exceptions. Leave the property neat and orderly before checking out. 


We provide one set of keys per reservation. There is a 500€ fee for lost keys. Yes, this is a lot, but making copies of keys in Berlin is incredibly time consuming, expensive, and complicated. Our best advice, don’t lose the keys! 

Have fun!

Relax, enjoy, appreciate!

When you arrive you’ll sign our agreement of terms which will confirm that you have read and accept everything in the house rules. You will be provided with a copy of the house rules specific to the property in which you're staying upon your arrival.